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“Elizabeth is an exceptional clairvoyant devoted to teaching and healing. She is brilliant, inspirational, and charming, and brings fun and laughter into her playshops.”

—Phyllis Poechman

“Keep up the playshops - you’re fantastic at what you do.”


“I truly, honestly have never met someone who has had such an incredibly open and loving heart as you have. I can still feel the love you continue to emit from your heart.”


I was surprised to find the pendulum worked for me. Thank you so much for opening this avenue to me. There was so much incredible information presented in the playshop.


“Since I attended your intuition Playshops I have had some amazing experiences and the insight it brings to me is such a blessing.”


“Thanks a million! You’ve really helped me enormously.”


“Your words these past few months have held the space for the bigger picture, which my emotions blinded me from seeing. Thank you. You are an incredible guide.”


“Elizabeth, thank you so much for such a detailed response! This is amazing work to me. You are very accurate on many fronts.”


“I had the most amazing experience during our week—the group was terrific and you are a fantastic facilitator.  Thank you so much!”


“You are beautiful, inspiring, loving, and a wonderful teacher; I really enjoyed your class, it was definitely one of the best, best classes I have had in a very long time!”

—Cynthia Zaitz

“It was really a great week for me. I found your meditations all week to be very effective for me, so I am excited about using the CDs at home.”


“I participated in Elizabeth’s Intuition Playshop. The time we spent together opened a door for me to continue my search and explorations. Thank you!”

—Candi Elden

“This was a very insightful reading! I’m very impressed with how accurate your perceptions were given how little information you had to work with.”


“This probably happens all the time, I realized that you were very accurate about a few things that didn’t ring a bell when we were together.”


“The meditations are working; my energy level is much better, and life is good. Thanks a lot for the help.”


“What a great message you wrote. Do you mind if I read that to my yoga class this week. lt says everything I believe, and it’s stated so beautifully!”


“I am still digesting everything I learned from your beautiful playshop. Thank you for all you do.”


“I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful sweetness of my reading. Validation from you was a wonderful thing.”


“I wanted to say thank you for the playshop. I had SUCH a marvelous weekend on many levels. And I’m not trying to kiss your ass—-it’s simply the truth!!”


“My personal consultation left me completely breathless because you really saw what was in my soul and what I did not want to admit to myself. I am very impressed.”


“Elizabeth Harper’s gifts expand well beyond the dimensions of the rainbow, she is truly anointed!!”

—Rha Goddess

“You alerted a client of mine to a cancerous lesion you saw in her energy which she had checked and removed. She is newly pregnant! You told her she was about to be.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and soul!). That was the best reading, most sincere, clearest that I have ever had in this lifetime. I needed the confirmation.”


“I so appreciate your intuitive gift! You really are so spot on with what you say. Even more than your actual intuitiveness, I appreciate the lovely way that you relay your insights.”


“Bravo Elizabeth! The much anticipated CD was worth the wait. Takes me back to Omega and your class. Much better than reading the meditations from a sheet of paper.”


“I wait for your newsletter to arrive and when it does it is as if you have written it directly to me. My whole being thanks you for offering this gift of light.”


“You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever come in contact with…your spirit is so bright and radiant…your work confirmed what I knew in my heart and my spirit.”

—Melissa Palazzo

“Thank you so much for the reading. It makes things much clearer for me. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful resource to go to when I am completely confused.”


“Elizabeth accesses her spirit guides and offers amazing insight and information. This connection with spirit was more apparent than in any other encounter I have had.”

—Lucas H. Salsbury

“I wanted to thank you. I cannot tell you how right on target you always are. The colors predict what is happening to me. Thank you again for all the love you send out.”


“Thank you so much for a beautiful reading this weekend!  I’m amazed by your abilities and how accurate you were. I’m still walking with a special glow.”


“Thank you so much, your reading is amazing and compliments the information I have been receiving since I got home from your playshop.”


“I saw Elizabeth regularly for healing which I found immensely beneficial both physically and mentally. She is a remarkable and gifted person.”

—Finton Coyle M.D., Creator of the "Weakest Link"

“I must tell you how grateful I am to you for sharing your intuitive gifts with me today. I left feeling so validated, calm and healed.  Thank you for all that you have done.”


“I adore this meditation CD.  I listen to it before bed.  It is magical and mystical and your voice takes me to another realm.  I recommend it highly!!!”


“A lot of what you wrote back in October makes more sense to me now than it did at the time and most has proven correct and incredibly valuable.”


“After you read my colors, my world opened up to so many new things that I wanted to be open to for a long time. My meeting with you triggered it.”


“I have never before experienced such a powerful healing. It was profoundly deep and lasting. I still feel the effects after a week. Bless you.”


“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for wonderful thoughts and messages you send us all. They are much needed and deeply appreciated.”


“Wanted to thank you for the beautiful session we had. It was very special and moving!”


“I was the first person to purchase the beautiful bracelet from you and now they are sold out!  What a blessing they are! You are such an Angel!”


“In the Playshop I drew a yo-yo with a jack-o -lantern on it from the readings bag when asking “when will I find my next job”…I got a job offer on Halloween day!”


“Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I really felt that you were with me. I also felt your gentle, loving energy as I read through the words.”


“I want to express my gratitude for having been introduced to you and to convey my deep thanks for helping me to be more comfortable and confident with my next step.”


“Thank you so very much for your wonderful CD; I am enjoying listening to it so very much…. the music is beautiful along with your voice.”

—Heather M.

“Elizabeth’s intuition was right on, very helpful and very powerful. Her energy is so pure and loving and I highly recommend her work.”

—Laurie Swan

“The workshop was wonderful and fun and it keeps resonating.  Thanks for your luminous, childlike sweetness, generosity and profound acceptance of people.  I learn so much from you.”


“You are absolutely amazing!! Many thanks again! You are a gem!!!”


“Elizabeth’s gifts are uniquely welcomed and beautiful. It was exhilarating to experience her aura reading, it enlightened my future path in most memorable, helpful ways.”

—Cindy Abate

“When I opened your newsletter and saw the title I couldn’t help a giggle and a warm sense of happiness just from seeing….Trusting Spirit. Thank you!!!”


“I was knocked out when you handed me a piece of paper, written before I walked into the room, that described key aspects of my personality, profession, and strengths.”

—Kelly Harvey

“Thank you for your beautiful newsletter… It is always a ray of sunshine”


“Everything you shared in my reading was accurate. However, the most amazing part was the incredible lightness and love you emanated and shared with me.”

—Nancy Reid

“Your Chakra CD is one of the best meditations I have on Chakras. Your soothing, encouraging voice guided me gently with just the right amount of pace so I was in the zone.”


“I needed help and I just landed on the Angel Wisdom page. I love it when things like that happen! So thank you for all that you share!!!!


“Just completed your 5-day Intuition Playshop at Omega. Thank you once again for making it a light hearted but serious journey into this special world.”


“I cried when I read it, because every word, every single word spoke so much to me so deeply and I feel so right about every thing you said.”


“LOVE my beautiful INSPIRATION bracelet. This bracelet has incredible energy that is bringing about so many synchronistic events.”


“Thanks so much for the inspirational tips! I feel as though your website has helped me uncover the problem AND the solution!”


“Elizabeth radiates the light that she teaches people to see. She shares her amazing gifts and the world just looks so much more beautiful after one of her classes.”

—Stephanie Joens

“Elizabeth wrote things about me with an uncanny accuracy that I have no way of explaining…a great psychic she is one of the most lovely human beings I have met.”

—Joseph E. Thomas, Ph.D.

“I just wanted to thank you for the most awesome healing session I have experienced.  The healing is still continuing. I am very thankful for you sharing your gifts with me.”


“Thank you very much for the class. I had a great time. I was impressed with your energy and personality… you are so powerful and sweet.”


“I absolutely love the CD. Your voice is so gentile and nurturing!”


“Your response was fascinating and so deep and I could see your sincerity and love through it all. Your words were truly a healing balm to my heart.”


“THANK YOU SO MUCH Elizabeth for your reading. All the things u told me are VERY accurate about my life right now.”


“Your newsletter is so powerful! I’m copying it for all of the women in WWW this weekend.  No changes. It’s a message from Spirit.”


“I always love your newsletters.  Your light energizes me and I am grateful that you share what you have.”


“It was such a wonderful playshop; thank you very much for making the week a special one.”


“You have been such a huge help for me.  I cannot thank you enough.  My life would not be the same without your site and guidance.  You really are such a blessing. Thank you for caring!”


“I felt something shift as soon as you put your hands on my head. I saw colors; this is a first for me; it felt like I was floating on air. Thank you for this tremendous gift.”


“I have sought Elizabeth’s guidance at several key points in my life. Her observations have proven invariably sound, insightful and amazingly accurate.”

—Andrena Cumella

“My Goodness, it’s as though you found the script to my thoughts. You are truly gifted at what you do; your intuitive abilities are powerful and startlingly accurate.”


“I love being in your energy. I’m happy to say, I credit my feeling lighter to attending your playshop and to your inspirational messages on your website.”


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